Watching E.T. being whisked to safety in a bike basket in the early '80s got Alex hooked on BMX cycling when he was just twelve years old. A few years later it was Channel 4's nightly Tour de France highlights show on the small screen that led to him selling his beloved BMX and buying a Dawes 'Racing' bike. A Saturday-job in a local bike shop introduced him to the joy of fettling, getting his hands dirty and lusting after unaffordable bike bling.

A life-long cyclist, it's only in the last decade that he's taken the plunge and had a go at road, track, TT, cyclo-X and even indoor racing. A dodgy back and a lack of talent has led to him reluctantly hanging up his racing wheels for good and trying to find pleasure in taking it a bit more easy on the bike. Having contributed to The Face, Arena and the Tokyo Journal in the 1990s, Alex now enjoys writing about all aspects of cycling.

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