Andy got into cycling, and writing about it late in life and as a result has a wealth of pop culture references to tangentially weave into word soups, along with a host of dad jokes and non-sequiturs. Firing this seemingly endless lava stream of semi-consciousness is a passion for all things cycling that is far in excess of his ability to actually do it.

Too old and slow to be a decent road rider, too clumsy and cowardly to be a competent mountain biker, Andy instead puts all of his pedaling eggs in the basket of solitary gravel riding - where epic adventures involve lifting his bike over a stile without putting his back out and getting home without crashing into a holly bush.

Having tried all cycling frame materials except wood, his stable of mediocrity has been now forged out of the material he feels he cannot (yet) break - all steel, all single chainring, and all over-engineered. Pride of the harras is Dusty, the All-City Space Horse - a gravel monster and winter commuter kitted out with all the toys that won't be going to his kids when he dies. For winter gravel and trail park crashes, Lord Percy, the Surly Karate Monkey takes care of any woodland frolics, and Ron Burgundy, a Genesis Volare gets rolled out when (relative) speed is of the essence.

He used to do running, but having completed a couple of half marathons he's decided he likes the way his knees bend and a casual jog is all they'll tolerate now.

Famously failed to do the Etape even before the big climbs started, Andy nonetheless still takes on ludicrous challenges on two wheels and then instantly regrets them.  Would like to build (and presumably, break) his own bamboo bike one day.

Once described by his editor as the 'Marina Hyde of cycling clobber reviews', but this may've been the result of a concussion.

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