The 2018 Marmotte is now completed. Congratulations to all those who finished. 

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For many sportive riders the Marmotte is the ultimate European sportive. Around 7,500 riders take part each year on the first weekend in July, with the fastest riders completing in around 5 hours 45 minutes and the slowest taking anything up to 13 hours.

La Marmotte - now renamed as the Look Marmotte Granfondo Alps - features three HC climbs over its 174km route and has a total of 5,180 metres of climbing, making it one of the toughest courses of any sportive in the world.

The Look Marmotte starts with a climb of the Col du Glandon, which weighs in at 27.5km with an average gradient of 4.5% to a height of 1924 metres. From there you drop down (on a route so steep that it is not included in your overall time to try and stop riders from dangerously speeding) to the start of the Col du Telegraph.

That leads to the Col du Galibier, one of the most famous climbs in worldwide cycling. The Telegraph/Galibier combination is 35km of almost continuous climbing at an average gradient of 5.48% to a height of 2642 metres. Towards the top of the Galibier the gradient gets up to 15% and on a windy or cold day it is brutal.

There then follows a rapid 47km descent to Bourg d'Oisans and the start of a final ascent of the 21 hairpin bends of Alpe d'Huez. For all but the elite riders this is usually a major struggle as the sun will be baking in the early afternoon - the 2013 Marmotte saw riders experience 44 degrees centigrade heat on this climb.

Entries for La Marmotte 2018 are expected to go on sale in early November 2017. The date changes every year - as does the timing when it goes on sale - and we suggest you sign up to our newsletter which will alert you to when registration opens. Entries sell out very quickly - last year they sold out in just under 11 hours. alerted our newsletter subscribers within 30 minutes of entries going on do sign up and keep yourself informed about the Marmotte, Etape and other legendary sportives and gran fondos.

We thoroughly recommend the Marmotte to anyone considering riding it. Organisers Sports Communication do a superb job of putting on the event on some of the most iconic climbs in worldwide cycling. This is a sportive that everyone should do at least once.

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  • 08 Jul 2018 7:00am
  • Tickets On Sale
  • Look Marmotte Granfondo Alpes 2018Look Marmotte Granfondo Alpes 2018Bourg d'Oisans, France
  • Up to 174 km (108 miles)
  • From 90.00 EUR
  • 7500 Riders