The Tuscany Trail is the world’s largest bikepacking event held every year in Tuscany. Hundreds of cyclists from more than 30 countries around the world join every edition.

*This year's edition has been postponed until September (original date 30 May) because of coronavirus.*

By participating in the Tuscany Trail, you will experience a unique 500 km long adventure that will allow you to cross enchanted forests and thousand-year-old towns. It will be a challenge to yourself and an emotion that will remain forever in your heart.

The search for the “perfect” route began back in 2003 and has not been completed yet. Tuscany is a wonderful region that offers perfect cycling routes. Every year, participants are offered a track that best embodies the experience of the Tuscany Trail. Less and less asphalt, less and less unnecessary kilometres and more and more concentration of beauty.

You will cycle on the famous Strade Bianche, through vineyards and dense forests. You will find out that the famous “rolling” hills of Tuscany are not so “rolling” and that there will always be a surprise behind every bend from the start to the finish.

The route is varied and includes dirt roads, paths, cart roads and asphalt.


The route will be one long lap; you decide where & when to stop to eat and where & when (and if) to stop to sleep. Absolute freedom of choice.


Follow the whole route using the GPS track that will be sent to you after registering. You have to follow the whole route without shortcuts. Pure riding joy from the first to the last kilometre.


No assistance from the organisers, and no support vehicles in tow; just you and your bike.


There is no time limit; you decide the pace and the time of arrival at the finish. Regardless it shall be a great adventure.

Registration for 2020

Entries for the 7th edition of the Tuscany Trail will open in January 2020. In the meantime, you can find news, advice and discussion on the event Facebook page:

At a Glance
  • 26 Sep 2020 7:00am
  • Tickets Not On Sale
  • Tuscany TrailTuscany TrailMassa, Tuscany, Italy
  • Up to 543 km (337 miles)
  • Unknown CostFrom GBP
  • 760 Riders