This year's Dunwich Dynamo - the annual migration of London's cyclists to a drowned town on the Suffolk coast - takes place on the night of Saturday 4 July. After riding 120 miles through the night with nothing to eat but a hot dog bun, you might think the hard work is done when you reach the beach. But there's just one small detail: how are you going to get home again?

With 6 weeks to go before the 2015 Dynamo, it's time to get your planning hat on. Here are some of your options:

1. Bus (the classic choice)

Each year Southwark Cyclists lay on a flotilla of coaches to ferry weary Dun-runners back to the capital. 1000 places are available, and over 800 of those have already been sold for this year. So if you want to take the bus home on Sunday 5 July, you'd best book now!

Tickets cost £45, and this includes transport for you (on a bus) and your bike (in the back of a lorry) to the drop-off point in East London. If you are very, very precious about your bike's paint job you *may* be able to swap places and put your bike in the coach while you make yourself cosy in the truck - you'll probably sleep just as well either way.

Another coach option is provided by The Cycling Consultant. Tickets are £45, which includes a beer for each passenger. Just as well that the coaches have toilets on board... as well as tinted windows, and curtains to help you get some shuteye. For more info check out

Very nice  but you don't live here. How are you getting home?
Very nice but you don't live here. How are you getting home?

2. Train (the 1% option)

Dunwich's medieval railway station is now half a mile out to sea, so anyone pinning their hopes on a train seat home will have to ride a bit further - the nearest major station if you're heading back to London is Ipswich (40 miles). There are stations within 5 miles, however, be aware that rail operators Abellio Greater Anglia have announced restrictions to carriage of bikes on their train services on 4/5 July. This is in response to overcrowding in recent years.

The good news is that up to 50 bikes will be allowed on some services between Ipswich and London. You'll need to book a free reservation in advance. Here's what Greater Anglia say:

- Bikes will be prohibited on the following routes: Lowestoft - Ipswich, Lowestoft - Norwich.

Bikes will be restricted to a maximum of 4 on the following rural routes: Ipswich - Cambridge, Norwich - Cambridge. Only 6 bikes can be carried between Norwich and Ipswich.

Intercity services starting from Ipswich travelling to Colchester/Chelmsford/Stratford/London will carry a maximum of 50 bikes per train only and must be reserved in advance - a free bike ticket will be generated and this must be presented before boarding.

Stopping services that start at Ipswich at XX:09 past the hour will be prohibited from carrying bikes.

For the latest updates, check the Abellio Greater Anglia website.

3. Private car (the dream scenario)

Are you extremely persuasive? Does someone kindly with a car, or - dare to dream - a campervan, owe you a massive favour? Or do you have friends/family in Suffolk? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then getting a lift home may just be your best option.

However you wangle it, we guarantee that rolling into Dunwich to be greeted by your own personal support team and escape vehicle will make you an object of extreme envy among your dishevelled comrades. Time to start batting those eyelashes guys.

4. Bike it back (strictly for the hardcore)

120 miles on no sleep not enough? You can always turn the bike around and spin home again - maybe after breakfast, a swim, and a quick nap on the shingle. A surprising number of cyclists do take this option each year. If you fancy joining them, we salute you - from the comfort of our warm coach seat...