Has 2020 not been enough of a challenge without making Christmas a struggle too?

Apparently not - after the launch of Rapha's Festive 500, sportive organisers Struggle Events are the latest to throw down the gauntlet to weary pedalleurs.

Starting 12 December, Earn Your Christmas invites you to train each day for 12 days in the run-up to Christmas Day.

"Ride, Zwift, Lift or do something every day from 12th - 24th December," command Struggle, "then upload an image of your ride or workout every day."

In return, they'll give away a Struggle entry to the person who posts the best picture each day.

Tis the season to hit the turbo trainer.
Tis the season to hit the turbo trainer.

We can already see a loophole in the failure to specify a minimum distance. Look out for some 5-minute Zwift sessions in pyjamas coming soon to the Sportive Strava feed.

Although given the hardcore nature of Struggle's sportives, maybe we'd be better off actually putting in a proper training block.

Find out more and enter at ridethestruggle.com/blogs/struggle/earn-your-christmas.