New for 2019 is the Orro GravelCat Adventure Ride, offering two routes that include sections on Britain’s oldest road, The Ridgeway. 

The Epic (88km/55 miles) and Standard (70km/43 miles) routes both meander their way through glorious rolling downland scenery, pick their way through and around ancient woodlands, negotiate sunken lanes and bridleways and pass through charming “stuck in time” villages complete with timber-framed buildings and thatched roofed cottages. 

The Epic route passes close by the prehistoric Uffington White Horse and the Iron Age Uffington Castles sites so If you haven’t visited these sites before, then do take the opportunity to take a look.

The Epic route has 12 off-road sectors totalling 55kms (62.5%) of the route’s total distance and the Standard route has 10 off-road sectors totalling 41kms (58%) of the route’s total distance.

So, although relatively short, with such high percentages of each route off road and on a variety of trails and trail surfaces, both routes offer a challenge for all levels of riders. 

The underlying surfaces are predominantly chalk and clay embedded with sharp flints. These can be hard, unyielding and dusty when dry and very slippery when wet. Tyre choice and pressures will be key, especially for cross bike riders. 

At a Glance
  • 18 Aug 2019 7:30am
  • Tickets On Sale
  • Orro GravelCat Adventure RideOrro GravelCat Adventure RideThatcham, Berkshire, UK
  • Up to 89 km (55 miles)
  • From 40.00 GBP
  • Unknown Riders
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