Take on a three-day Haute Route event held in the world-renowned at home training game: Zwift.

The Haute Route Watopia will challenge you over three epic stages: The Mega Pretzel, top of the Epic KOM Reverse and the legendary Quatch Quest.

The route covers all three Watopian climbs on Stage 1, the tour of Watopian extremes on Stage 2 and one of the longest and most challenging routes on Zwift to bring the event to a close in style.

Be prepared to push yourself as on any Haute Route event, but this time from your living room.

Download the event roadblock for all the course and event insights, plus tips for racing on Zwift from the pros and the low down on the perfect fuelling strategy from OTE to help you reach new heights.

Each of the three stages will run at hourly intervals for 24h, allowing entrants from around the world a chance to take part.

Entrants who complete any stage will receive £50 off cycling kit at event partners Le Col when they spend over £100.

Haute Route Watopia is free to enter - all you need is your indoor trainer and a Zwift subscription.

At a Glance
  • 26 Feb 2021 12:01am
  • Tickets On Sale
  • Haute Route WatopiaHaute Route WatopiaWatopia, UK
  • Up to 53 km (33 miles)
  • Unknown CostFrom GBP
  • Unknown Riders