This is an event for people who with a taste for adventure and who don't need too much TLC.

It's the stripped down version of the iconic 400km London Wales London. Starting at 6pm from Maple Cross (which is very close to Rickmansworth) it heads West towards Oxford, Stow on the Wold, Tewkesbury, Yat Rock and Chepstow before cross the Severn Bridge and returning via Wooton Basset, Lambourn and Henley.

The evening start means riders will be heading into the night with few shops or 24 hour petrol stations before the half way point. It's a ride for people who are self-sufficient and know how to find a churchyard water tap in the middle of the night.

The idea of the event was originally to provide the simplest possible way to gain a 400km qualifying ride for Paris Brest Paris but it's attracting a bigger crowd.

The only rules are that it's not a race (there is a maximum speed because it's an audax) and there's no room for posers or people who want to pretend they've looked into the jaws of death! It's a no-nonsense challenge for people who understand the need to work with other riders and who know that it's about a positive mindset as much as fitness.

If you have a mechanical you fix it yourself. If you see another rider in trouble you stop or you keep them buoyed up - you'll welcome the support yourself at some point.

Your measly entry fee buys you a chance to enjoy a magical ride, meet some amazing people and have some explaining to do on Monday when your mates ask about your weekend. You'll be buzzed by owls, be spooked by strange rustlings in the hedgerows and discover that petrol station pasties are no nicer cold than they are hot.. Oh yes - it finishes at a brewery in case you're interested. You get a GPS file and a suggested route sheet that threads you through a network of country lanes; anything else would be spoiling you.

You'll need good lights and the ability to make friends with total strangers.

What are you waiting for?

No entry on the line (because we're miserable and can't be doing with it)

At a Glance
  • 02 Jun 2023 6:00pm
  • Tickets On Sale
  • Bare Bones 400Bare Bones 400Maple Cross, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, UK
  • Up to 400 km (249 miles)
  • From 6.00 GBP
  • 100 Riders

Extra Information

The event is timed for you to get the train out from London or drive during the day... and trains should still be running when you finish. 

If you drive, you'll want to know that there is a Premier Inn in Rickmansworth for after the event.

  • If there is a surplus it gets split between the Willesden Cycling Club and local cycling and green charities - but you're hardly paying anything so don't feel too good about yourself.
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