Haute Route have announced a new addition to their series for 2019, which will see the firm lead a tour of cyclists to China for the first time. The first edition of the new three-day Haute Route Qingcheng will take place from 25th-27th October 2019.

The new Haute Route Qingcheng will feature a mountain time trial and the chance to race giant pandas (possibly).
The new Haute Route Qingcheng will feature a mountain time trial and the chance to race giant pandas (possibly).

In the eight years since it launched, Haute Route has grown rapidly to become one of the world's most prestigious series of multi-day cycling events. 2019 sees another exciting schedule, with new events in Oman and Mexico now set to be joined by the Haute Route Qingcheng tour.

Haute Route founder and CEO Rémi Duchemin offered comment on the company's move into China: "Sport generally is booming in China, and an increase in wealth and leisure time in the past 10 years means the idea of cycling for sport is becoming very popular. This focus is also driven by the Central Government, who in recent years has given top priority to the development of cycling and sport for China through national level policies.

"The number of professional riders is rising and the participation of Chinese riders in our Haute Route events is following the same trend. Hao Hu was the first Chinese rider to reach an Haute Route podium when he took 3rd place in the Haute Route Dolomites general classification in 2017. Haute Route Qingcheng is meeting a strong demand for a world-class event to enter the Chinese market with our experienced partner, Xingzhi Exploring Group."

Based in Sichuan province, the new Haute Route Qingcheng will offer Chinese and international amateur cyclists to experience an Haute Route over three days in a new and picturesque cycling destination. Participants will benefit from Haute Route's renowned premium level services both on and off the bike, including mechanical support, medical services and road security, as well as daily briefings, massages and post-stage meals.

Located in Dujiangyan, the event will be based at the foot of the Qingcheng mountain, one of the most famous Taoist mountains in China. Open to Solo or Duo (team of two) riders alike, the event will feature two classic stages and an uphill time trial.

A guaranteed highlight of the three days, riders will get to climb the road up to Qingcheng Mountain which is usually closed to the public. On top of this memorable climb, riders will also get to experience the colourful historic towns, incredible temples and bamboo forests which are emblematic of the region.

Not your typical sportive feed station.
Not your typical sportive feed station.

Located in the southwest region of the country, the Sichuan Province is one the largest provinces in China and the gateway to Tibet. Known as the Country of Heaven thanks to its world heritage irrigation system, the Sichuan Province is also famous for its Giant Pandas and spicy food. Immersing themselves in the rich local culture and enjoying the tasty regional cuisine, riders will certainly be able to make the most of their stay in China. Chengdu International Airport (CTU) is located just an hour's drive from Dujiangyan and is the fourth largest hub in mainland China with direct flights to most major North American cities and European capitals.

One of the privileged few to take part in the Invitational Event, Haute Route veteran Nic Frank was impressed by the unique culture and stunning landscapes of the region: "Riding to the north of Dujiangyan, there are lush green mountains that mark the beginning of the Tibetan plateau, the largest and highest plateau in the world."

"The mountains were exactly as I had imagined them from Chinese landscape art, transmitting a type of emotion and mystical atmosphere. We were transported into a previous time and slower pace of life," he added.

"For those who have a sense of adventure and want to experience something different, both on and off the bike, Haute Route Qingcheng will certainly offer something unique and unforgettable."

Riders interested in the Haute Route Qingcheng can now pre-register their interest ahead of registrations opening in the coming weeks.

For more details about the new Haute Route Qingcheng, and all of the Haute Route events, visit www.hauteroute.org.