A super fun audax style spin featuring a choice of three rides in the glorious Chilterns. Finishers will get one of our sought after patches / roundels as a trophy, all included in the (petite) price.

It's a value for money, not to be missed gala occasion celebrating West London Cycling's first birthday; A Bank Holiday Bash brought to you by the same person responsible for the legendary May Day Chiltern Audaxes from Ruislip in years past. Expect the same fun as those, but now a British Cycling event.

This is an Audax style event and isn't for beginners, no signage or rescue but who needs those in the era of bike computers and mobile phones? There will be free refreshments at the start and finish with a GPX file to navigate from and a Route Sheet as back up, all for just a £10 entry fee.

Bring your own bars/gels etc for the ride, or stop at one of the cafes en-route. Entry may be available at £15 on the day if spaces available.

You can ride at any speed you like, but we would expect you to average between, say, 15kph and 33kph depending on your chosen ride / fitness / what you did the night before..

Like an audax, you get your Brevet Card stamped at our cafe stop control (100km and 200km rides only), answer a couple of simple questions on the route and write the answers in your Brevet Card (which is also stamped upon completion). At the end you get to keep your Brevet Card and also get cloth patch / roundel to prove you did it and keep as a prestigious souvenir.

We will email you a GPX file of the route during the fortnight leading up to the event, together with a route-sheet for you to print out as back up. You will need a bike computer (eg Garmin or Wahoo) to load the GPX file in to. This is easily done by synching a Wahoo with Strava or Ride With GPS etc (free online) or using Garmin Connect if you are a Garmin user.

It's fun, fun, fun with 80km, 100km or 200km options.

At a Glance
  • 29 Aug 2022 8:00am
  • Tickets On Sale
  • West London Randonax RidesWest London Randonax RidesRuislip, Middlesex, UK
  • Up to 202 km (126 miles)
  • From 10.00 GBP
  • 300 Riders

Extra Information

All finishers will receive a Brevet Card and Finishers Roundel (Woven Patch)

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