The Trent Valley 100 is one awesome way to finish your sportive season, cleverly designed routes and a great HQ give us a fantastic atmosphere. We have brought some great events across the summer months and the Trent Valley 100 is that last ‘get together’ of them.

The 100 Mile route was designed with two hours of rolling roads to get those legs warmed up, a quick break at the feed stop and then it’s on to 40 miles of relentless climbing, if you aren’t going up, you are going down. The final section is a roll off the Wolds and back down deep into the Trent Valley, finished with a final climb up to HQ.

The 100km ride shares the same start to the feed stop as the 100 Mile route but then darts off across a heavily marshalled section of Lincoln (just 2 Miles) and then back out towards Scampton with a few short but sharp climbs thrown in, a great route and what a way to finish the season.

The short route is a brilliant finish to the season and a welcoming ride to anyone who is new to cycling, join us for this and who knows what you will fancy attempting next year?

A great last get together of the season with the toughest of the 100 Series and just prove to yourself how you have improved over the season!

The Trent Valley 100 is produced by Sportive HQ in partnership with the Trent Valley Road Club.

After the event, there will be free photos to download from Adie’s Photography, a top local cycling photographer.

We hope that after you’ve tried the Trent Valley 100 you’ll be hooked on our value for money sportives where a great day out on the bike is all that matters.

At a Glance
  • 04 Oct 2020 6:45am
  • Tickets On Sale
  • Trent Valley 100 SportiveTrent Valley 100 SportiveGainsborough, Lincolnshire, UK
  • Up to 169 km (105 miles)
  • From 30.00 GBP
  • Unknown Riders