This weekend sees the 2nd edition of one of the UK's toughest sportive challenges, as the Struggle Dales returns to dish out 108 miles of punishment on seven of Yorkshire's most notorious climbs.

The ride is a sellout, with 1,000 masochists - including our own intrepid reporter, Mr Cotton - signing up for a parcours that promises to 'rip your legs off' and 'bury you in the darkest depths of bike riding'. (Sorry Jim, not sure we mentioned that before signing you up.)

If all this sounds like your kind of day out - and let's face it, cyclists like to suffer a bit - the good news is that there are still places left for The Struggle's sister event, Struggle Moors. And better yet, this one's arguably even tougher than the Dales ride...

The 110 mile route for Struggle Moors.
The 110 mile route for Struggle Moors.

Taking place on Sunday 9 July out of Ampleforth, Struggle The Moors is a 110 mile (177km) sportive that packs in over 3,000 metres of climbing. Along the way you'll encounter ascents of the frankly terrifying sounding Glaisdale Horror and the Rosedale Chimney. The latter features 33% gradients, and was reputedly omitted from the route of Yorkshire's Tour de France stages in 2012 as being too steep for the pro peloton.

The Struggle organisers have no such qualms, however they have helpfully provided summaries of the five main climbs, with vital stats in imperial units for added fear factor.

Here's the lowdown - you can't say you haven't been warned...

Boltby Bank

Location: mile 15; Distance: 0.7 miles; Elevation gain: 527ft; Steepness: 13% avg

Boltby Bank on Strava

Carlton Bank

Location: mile 35; Distance: 1.1 miles; Elevation gain: 624ft; Gradient: 10% avg

Carlton Bank on Strava

Drafters will be caned at the finish line.
Drafters will be caned at the finish line.

Cote De Grosmont

Location: mile 70; Distance: 1.3 miles; Elevation gain: 769ft; Gradient: 10% avg

Cote de Grosmont on Strava

Glaisdale Horror

Location: mile 85; Distance: 0.8 miles; Elevation gain: 608ft; Gradient: 14% avg

Glaisdale Horror on Strava

Rosedale Chimney

Location: mile 91; Distance: 0.8 miles; Elevation gain: 600ft; Gradient: 14% avg

Rosedale Chimney on Strava

Glaisdale Horror awaits riders on the Struggle Moors sportive.
Glaisdale Horror awaits riders on the Struggle Moors sportive.

British Cycling have rated this sportive with the maximum difficulty score of 5: "Very Hard". Why not come and have a go, if you think you're very hard enough?

Entry costs £39, which works out at less than £8 per nightmare climb - a comforting thought as you winch yourself up the ramps.

For full details and to register, visit See you in Yorkshire!