Coast-to-Coast, from Cesenatico to Tirrenia, from Adriatic sea to Tirrenian sea, from east to west, from sunshine to sunset. The most romantic long distance cycling challenge: 270 kilometers and 3300 to climb, to chase the sun.

This Italian edition of the fast-growing UK classic Chase the Sun ride retains the same coast to coast, sunrise to sunset concept, but with some additional Italian hospitality thrown in.

The breathtaking scenery as you climb through the Tuscany hills to the sunset will create indelible memories of your continental Chase the Sun experience!

Entries open January 2021.

At a Glance
  • 19 Jun 2021 4:35am
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  • Chase the Sun - ItaliaChase the Sun - ItaliaCesenatico, Italy, Italy
  • Up to 270 km (168 miles)
  • Unknown CostFrom GBP
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