Event organisers SportiveUK are to freeze entry prices for their 2024 calendar for riders who sign up by the end of January.

With inflation and related cost-of-living expenses hitting individuals and businesses across the country, most if not all sportive organisers are increasing entry fees this year. SportiveUK are no exception, but they are delaying the price hike until the end of January.

This means riders who sign up for one of their 2024 events - which includes popular sportives like the Herts Easter Hunt and Ware's Essex - will pay the lower 2023 rate of £25.

Riders on the Herts Easter Hunt. SportiveUK will raise prices at the end of January.
Riders on the Herts Easter Hunt. SportiveUK will raise prices at the end of January.

"It's been several years since we've made any changes to our event prices," explain Luke and Jeremy at SportiveUK.

"We've incurred more and more costs since covid and inflation rearing their ugly heads but have resisted making any changes because we want to offer the best cycling events out there that are easily accessible by everyone. But as 2024 rolls along we have no choice but to make a small increase if we want to continue running these events.

"But don't worry, even with a price increase we'll still be offering the best value cycling events out there. And, until the end of January, we are giving everybody a chance to enter any of our 2024 events at 2023 prices."

The 2024 SportiveUK programme kicks off with Ware's Cambridge on 17 March, with sportives in April, May, July, August and October before finishing with the Essex Season Ender on 3 November.

Entries are priced £25 until the end of January, with a 20% discount available if you buy five entries.

More info about all 2024 events can be found at the links below.