Join the Palazzuolo Challenge and ride four stages in four days, in a prestige event along the most challenging secondary roads of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines: the Palazzuolo Challenge lets you discover this stunning backdrop via an experience of pure cycling.

At almost 350km, the challenge meanders through the changing views of the Mugello, the Casentino and the valleys of the Senio and Santerno. Arduous climbs are recompensed with adrenaline descents, in a route designed to really put your physical and mental limits to the test.

Mere strength is not enough, it takes concentration, determination and courage. And it's not for everyone: only a select group of 40 riders can participate. Are you up for the challenge?


Between Tuscany and Romagna, Mugello is a land of dreamers and adventurers. And it is precisely this sense of adventure that underpins the spirit of the challenge, together with the pleasure of nishing each stage by enjoying various gastronomic and relaxing proposals, under the banner of camaraderie and sporting spirit. 

You will stay in the heart of Mugello, in Palazzuolo sul Senio: named one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy”. It offers leisure opportunities for you to enjoy with fellow participants, including trekking routes excursions and museums. Or, after the fatigue of the effort, you can relax in an outdoor pool or dive from the rocks of the Senio river.


Each stage will have its moral winner; it will be rewarded the tenacity and the attitude of the rider, for a fresh competition against itself every day. During the challenge no external technical assistance is permitted, but a broom wagon will be on hand to assist for any need. If due to mechanical problems you do not reach the end of a stage, or you withdraw, you can still participate in the remaining stages. The Palazzuolo Challenge is an independent event, paid for by the participants and organized with the support of local authorities to promote the territory and local products. The participants will receive exclusive gifts made by local artists, artisans and producers; there is no cash prize.


The next Palazzuolo Challenge will be held from the 25th to the 28th of June 2020 If you wish to be part of the challenge, please email us your application at [email protected]

What's included in the entry fee:

• Four days accommodation (4 nights)

• Breakfast each day and farewell lunch

• Tastings of typical products at the end of each day’s stage

• Some very special gifts and unique memorabilia.

• Entrance to the swimming pool

• RC insurance

• Photos taken by a professional photographer

• An unforgettable experience of pain, pleasure,

...achievement and camaraderie.

...It will be hard, but beautiful!

At a Glance
  • 25 Jun 2020 7:30am
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  • Palazzuolo ChallengePalazzuolo ChallengePalazzuolo Sul Senio, Italy, Italy
  • Up to 340 km (211 miles)
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  • 40 Riders