Dunwich Dynamo Sportive 2014

Event Summary

The Dunwich Dynamo is a night ride from London Fields in Hackey, London to Dunwich on the Suffolk Coast. It is not strictly a sportive, more a semi-unsupported ride that gets bigger every year.

From its origins in 1992 when a handful of riders took part to the nearly 2,000 riders in 2012, the "Dun Run" or "DD" as regulars call it, is becoming more and more of a "must ride" event.

It is roughly 200km, although we are told by a rider last year that his Garmin recorded it as 193km. The DD is always held on the Saturday night/Sunday morning nearest to full moon in July. This is to ensure riders have the maximum amount of moonlight to ride in.

The event starts in London Fields with riders leaving between 8pm and 9pm and most get to Dunwich between 7am and 9am, ready for a quick swim in the sea or a pint in the village pub, The Ship Inn. Riders can buy a route map for the bargain price of £1 but the route is so busy that you can pretty much get by just following the red lights of other cyclists.

Riders of all levels of abilities do the Dunwich Dynamo and it is very much a friendly ride rather than a super competitive one. There isn´t too much climbing either and someone in 2011 even finished it on a Boris Bike.

There is a feed stop about 55 miles into the route but there is no guarantee that food will have not sold out. Because of the quantity of riders on the DD there are now a lot of people with pop up stalls in their front gardens, so remember to bring money to pay for it. There is no mechanical support of any kind so bring plenty of inner tubes, a pump etc. And don´t forget to bring lights...and spare batteries if you´re not using a dynamo.

There are return coaches for riders with trailers for bikes but they have to be booked in advance. The places sell out every year and have a big waiting list so get your booking in early - click here to book Dunwich Dynamo coach transport . If you don´t get a place you can either ride back to London or ride to Ipswich, which is 50km away, to get a train home. Or you could try and get a train from Darsham, which is four miles away, but the train is tiny, runs about once every two hours and may not allow lots of cyclists to put their bike on the train.

This is one of the classic rides of the British summer calendar and the original night ride that is now being copied by so many others.

Dunwich Dynamo

  • Distance: 200 km (124 miles)
  • Course Difficulty: 6 Out of 10
  • Route Cards

Don't talk loudly when going through small villages in the middle of the night. And don't drop litter...the organises rely on the goodwill of locals and dropping litter could genuinely threaten the future of the DD.

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  • Darsham Resident2014-07-13 07:25:11

    Your event information says "Don't talk loudly when going through small villages in the middle of the night." If only participants would observe this. Woken at 4am and no sleep since in this small village.

  • Birdbrook resident2014-07-13 10:40:04

    We were woken at 1am to cyclists shouting to each other on the rural road that we live on. This continued as groups of further cyclists came past. We have nothing against these events but people live in rural areas for the peace and quiet, not to be woken in the early hours by people shouting to each other. Enjoy your event but please have consideration for others.

  • Dynamist2014-07-15 05:09:34

    To be fair, the only people in the Birdbrook area were lost ones - the closest the route comes is Finchingfield ;)

  • Fyfield Resident2014-07-13 11:02:33

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching the riders go through Fyfield last night, only days after we had Le Tour pass in the opposite direction. Two criticisms that I feel should be urgently addressed are; a. far too many cycling on the wrong side of the road, (as they pass us it is a twisting road on which traffic can legally be travelling at 60 mph), drivers coming in the opposite direction have no chance if travelling at any speed. b. I applaud the advancement in bicycle lighting, but now efforts must be made to introduce a 'dip' switch as oncoming drivers are blinded by the dazzling lights.

  • Dynamist2014-07-15 05:15:08

    Completely agree - as a rider there was some pretty nonsensical behaviour, particularly in your area, and lights that can be seen from space might be helpful on moorland tracks, but aren't necessary here. Another point about the riding is to also have consideration to drivers trying to pass. Riding 3 abreast on a misty wet night isn't helpful and can lead (understandably) to frustration, which could be catastrophic. Give drivers a hand - it won't hold you up at all, and it's better to have a car go past than have it held up behind you.

  • Kettleburgh Resident2014-07-13 11:05:17

    I am pleased to see the 'Extra Information' regarding talking loudly and litter but the message in regard to talking loudly is just not getting through. I was woken at 03.45 this morning and could not get back to sleep because of the continuing, intermittent shouts. This is the third year we have been disturbed and enough is enough. I echo the Birdbrook resident's closing remarks of enjoyment of the event but with consideration for residents and such consideration must be paramount.

  • Dynamist2014-07-15 05:28:15

    (Does this event have to be listed here? It's not a sportive and isn't organised. As people are being disturbed with its growth, it seems that one solution is to let it go back to being what it is - an underground, word-of-mouth event, rather than something that wants to attract attention to itself. One of the joys is slipping through sleeping villages like ghosts. Listings like this make it look far more official than it is (it's 100% unofficial!) and will only help attract people who are used to way-marked sportive events (and are more prone to getting lost deep into Suffolk, which doubtless is a major cause of noise). Plus, regular sportive riders tend to shout warnings to eachother about holes and turns and junctions etc. None of which is really in the spirit of the Dun-Run.

  • Sportive 2014-07-17 10:48:18

    I take your point, but I think the cat is out of the bag where the Dynamo is concerned. It gets regular coverage in the national press, and still remains a relatively niche event. I suspect most what you might call 'serious' sportive cyclists simply aren't interested in cycling all night and not even getting a medal at the end!

    As for noise, I don't think this can be pinned on the sportive crew - in my experience most sportives tend to be ridden in near silence, whereas the Dynamo is much more of a social ride, albeit at unsociable hours. Ultimately it's up to everyone to show consideration when cycling through quiet villages after bedtime - also worth noting that many residents are very welcoming of the Dynamo each year, even if they don't tend to post comments on sites like this afterwards 1

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  • Start Location
    London Fields, Hackney, London (E8 3EU)
  • End Location
    Dunwich, Suffolk (IP17 3DE)
  • Race Start Time
    2014-07-12 00:00:00
  • Last Rider Start Time
    2014-07-12 00:00:00